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Discover How to Purchase Land All Over the US for $25 to $200 and sometimes get it for Free.

Using only a computer and a telephone.

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This current economy has wreaked havoc on so many people. Businesses have been folding like dominoes . Unemployment has risen to unprecedented heights. So many Americans have lost their homes and have become homeless. Many lives have been affected and it's not over yet. You may have suffered as a result of this bad economy or know someone who has. This recession is so bad that huge companies that have been in business for years could not survive and had to either close down or get bailed out.

If you are in a financial crunch and you are suffering from this economy, no one is going to bail you out . The bottom line is this, if you don't make enough money you are going to suffer.

Enough of the doom and gloom I can show you exactly how to profit in this economy and will show some indisputeable proof also. Here is exactly what I do and have been doing for 12 years and still works like a charm to make great money from home using nothing but a pc, a phone and a fax machine. I buy land for $25 to $500 and I sell it for $4,000 to $10,000 days later. Let me clarify right up front, that When I say I buy land for $25 to $500 that's the total sales price and is not a down payment or an option deposit, it's the total sales price.

Let me further clarify that this is not junk land and It is not attending tax sale auction and is not tax lien investing. Its good land that's worth good money. Here is a good example. I buy a vacant lot that's worth about $20,000 for only $500. That is with clear title. I then sell that property usually in 7 to 10 days for about $5,000. When I say sell I mean getting paid $5,000 not selling on terms for $100 down and $50 a month. It means I get paid $5,000 wired into my account or I get paid by a cashiers check.

If your goal is to just get great pieces of land dirt cheap or for free you are in the right place.

If your goal is to buy land dirt cheap and sell it for profits then you are in the right place.

Why should you listen to me ?

Ken's Student Blais bought and sold 160 properties in 12 months (in this economy)

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Here is an interview we did in Sept 2009 after he closed his first deal.


Why should you listen to me ?
My name is Ken.
You should listen to me, because I teach people to make money in any economic climate and I can prove it to you.
You should listen to me, because I have bought sold more than 5,000 properties. I have sold more than 25 properties in one week. I sold as many as 10 properties in one day. I have taught my system to others who have experienced similar results. I am not telling you this to brag, but to show you that, I am more than qualified to teach you how to do this. I have made as much as 90 times more than my original investment buying and selling land . I have bought land time and time again, for $100, $300 and $1,000 .Let me show some of my deals from Sept 2010 and a few from 2011 . You and I both know there are people on the internet who sell crap and are just plain full of it and teach outdated techniques that don't work or they don't do themselves. That's why I am going to overload you with proof.

How about March $29k

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How about $30k month May 2016

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How about $31k December 2016

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How about $25K November 2013.

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How about 14k October 2013

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How about 53k 2012

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How about 25k May 2011

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Here's 14k from 2011

How About 10k in One Day, or $20k in one month ? Click here

How about another 13k Click Here

How about another 10K week Nov 2010 Click Here

Here are some recent deed transfers to prove I do what I teach. Click Here

$100,000 plus made in 3 months in 2007

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I ran several reports using title companies and data services and pulled some of the records of a few of my deals, to show you what I paid and also, what I sold them for

I bought a 40 acre for $500 and sold it days later for $9,000. Click Here

I bought a .17 acre property on 1750 S. Pahrump blvd for $300 and sold it the same day for $26,000 the same day. The apn number is 38-671-21   Click Here

I paid $5,000 for a 1.27 Acre in Florida sold it 21 Days later for $45,000. Click here to view the report

I paid $6,500 for Homesite in Melbourne, FL and sold it 11 days later for $25,000. Click here to view the report

I paid $1,000 for 116 Acres In California, that was worth $390,000 I sold the property in 24 hours, and gave the buyer extra time to get the funds. Click here to view the report

I bought a property in Florida for $6,000 and sold it 3 days later for $12,800. Click Here to View

I paid $3,500 for a 40 acre property in California and sold it for $32,500.I sold the property in 7 days. I waited two months to advertise this one, because I had a friend who tried to borrow the money to buy it. He could not raise the money. I sold it using my techniques in 7 days. Click Here

I paid $800 for nice property near the ocean, In California and sold it for $16,500. Click here to view the report

I bought 32 Properties in Lake Elsinore, Ca for $96 each. The going price for was $6,000 and up. Click Here to View the Recorded Deed.

I bought for 52 lots in Arizona , sizes 1 acre to 4 acres each for $33 each. Click Here to View the Recorded deed.

I bought a property near San Francisco worth $120,000 for only $1,000 Click Here

Understand this. These amounts I paid were the total sales prices, they were not down payments and they were not deposits or option fees , they were the total sales price.

Mark, has done more than 80 deals within a little over a year and still going strong in 2013

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March 2013, Eligah Turned $300 Into $3,892 in a few weeks.

Eligah has continued to do deals since October 2011.

Click below to view some of Eligah's deals.

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May 2013, Dustin from Mn, turns $25 into $1,680 and still has 7 more properties to sell Click Here

College Student Makes Money

June 2011, College Student and (former Marine) makes an easy $2,900 and invested only $100

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David Turned $1,500 Into $60,000 in 6 weeks

David from Texas, who works as a maintenance man did just that. David took my training and followed the system and bought his first property several weeks after the teleseminar for only $500. The property was worth $60,000 and David sold it several weeks later for $35,000. For David's 2nd deal he bought a property for $1,000 and sold it several weeks later for $26,000.

First Deal testimonial

Click below to see the county records of David's first deal , where spent $500 and sold the property for $35,000

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Listen to Joe in Indiana

What most people don't understand about land is that land is not an upside down market like single family homes. Land is not amortized for 30 years like homes and most people pay cash for land or they pay in installments. This alone makes it a completely different market. Since no money was borrowed to buy the land it is not upside down. Here is the truth and about any kind of real estate investing. The key to making money is buying or controlling real estate for a fraction of its value and being able to sell it for a big markup and being able to sell yourself without any middle man that will eat up profits.

You don't make money by paying full price and hoping that the property will appreciate one day. You don't need appreciation in order to make money in real estate. Appreciation is something you can't control anyway .

   Hear from Ken's Successful Students :
More than $100K first year

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Minister makes more than $100k first year.
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More than $100K first year and doubled than in 2nd year.
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View and Listen to another one of Ken's students below.

   Hear from Ken's Successful Student Dan. C

$50k first year

What would it mean to you if you could good money right now in this recession ? Would that have any impact on your life ? Who is going to suffer if you don't make enough money ? Would you rather profit in the mist of of this recession or just continue along the same path you are on. Even if you make great money now, what if you could double that amount ?

You could make money using nothing but a pc and telephone. You don't need to travel any where. My program has helped many people say good bye to their jobs, because they made more money with my program and did not have to work as hard or as long. Everywhere you turn you hear doom and gloom about the economy, but the reality is, that there are plenty of people profiting and making great money in this economy.

The people who will suffer the most are those that have jobs and depend on jobs as their sole income. Those with the right knowledge and skills will make great money in this economy and will make a killing in a strong economy. It all boils down to know how, skills and mindset.

My question to you, is do you want to learn the skills , the knowledge and the mindset to profit in this economy ? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place. This is exactly what I am offering you. How will you fair If the economy continues to get worse will you survive ? How will your loved ones be affected. Are your current skills and knowledge enough for you to thrive in this economy ? Does this current climate make you scared or nervous ? Would you still be nervous if you could make more from home than you could from a job ?

Acquiring the right skills knowledge and mindset is what separates those who suffer from those who profit and reap greater rewards. The skills and knowledge you learn from me will benefit you in other ways as well. I don't say this lightly, this comes directly from feedback I have gotten from my students.

Here's some of what you learn in my training program

  • How to make money using a pc and phone
  • Learn what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • Learn superior negotiating skills.
  • Learn where to find deals you can get dirt cheap.
  • Learn why you never need to put out bandit signs or scour ads to find deals.
  • Learn different methods of selling that work in today's market.
  • Learn to get rid of middleman that eat up profits.
  • Learn how to be a pro and closing your own deals.
  • Learn methods for getting repeat customers.
  • Learn how to Identify the best areas to buy and sell in.

You will be learning from someone who is still doing what he teaches. I'm still in the trenches doing it, so I know what works. There are others who are teaching but they are not investing themselves. Why is that ? The other thing that sets me apart, is that I show you more proof than anyone. Is there any other real estate trainer or real estate guru who has a student who bought and sold 160 deals in this recession ?

Don't be fooled by others who claim to have invented this. I have been investing this way since 1999 and have taught others since 2000. More about Ken

Listen to Cliff from the east coast.

Cliff bought a property worth $7,000 to $10,000 for only $500

Listen to Kevin from Florida(a writer).

Kevin purchased 20 properties for about $300 each

Listen to Brian from New York.

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People who have been successful with my program are everyday average people, and some of their professions are security guard, landscaper, maintenance man, bath tub refinisher, unemployed single dad, medical equipment salesman, stage hypnotist, doctor, dental hygenist, house wives and more.

I thought it was important for you to understand that you don't have to have experience to use my program. I take a person with no knowledge about real estate investing and take them to expert level in weeks.

Ken helped people way back in 2000 buy and sell land from home. How about this housewife who made $11,000 on her first deal back in 2001. Kay's Check

How about Jennifer K, who Ken trained in 2000. She had bought 350 properties in only 3 and 1/2 months and made six figures plus her first year. See the proof

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